Our Services


In the field of IT, our services are structured around four primary pillars:
Strategy - Sourcing - Governance - Consulting
Our extensive experience is complemented by a proven track record and the implementation of solid methods and tools to facilitate an efficient process..




Wibridge supports our customers in establishing IT strategies with clear goals and principles to achieve the best outcomes and value for the business.

We develop action plans and create business cases tied to the strategy, ensuring the right priorities, decisions, and results.



We assist our customers by orchestrating and managing tender processes and renegotiations. 
Furthermore, we conduct supplier and contract assessments to ensure that our customers achieve optimal results from the sourcing engagement and find a supplier that is perfectly suited for their needs. As an integral part of the sourcing journey, we also offer support to our customers throughout the transition and transformation phases.



We create governance frameworks for managing customer and supplier relationships to foster robust partnerships, robust service delivery and efficient contract management.
We provide support and training for tender methods, supplier governance as well as do contract evaluations.
We also support customers with quality assurance of processes to maximize effect of supplier governance.



At Wibridge, we possess extensive expertise in IT management, project management, strategy creation, and leading change. You may require assistance in defining, driving, and completing tasks such as contract and SLA reviews, license assessments, IT Due Diligence, and Interim Management. Contact us to explore how we can assist you in reaching your objectives.